Friday, February 25, 2011

It Was a Dog as Big as My Car..I Swear!!!

No its not Betsy Lou but this is what she looks like!

I drive a Red Chevy Aveo, that I like to call Betsy Lou. Betsy Lou is often abused, neglected and left out in the elements but she is no less loved. She often has forgotten school papers, candy and food wrappers in her. You can honestly say she has junk in her trunk.  Betsy Lou is often in need of a bath and someone to clean out all the garbage. There is always dog hair on her back seat and sticky fingerprints on the windows.

But Betsy Lou is much loved. She is reliable, depndable and all the things a car should be but she is also has some traits that I find especially remarkable.
  1. Gas Mileage. I average 35 MPG. I could get any better unless I bought a hybrid .
  2. Its red....I look good in red so driving a red car means I always look good.
  3. I can see over the top of my car. At 5 foot 1 inches this is really amazing to me.
  4. Its low to the ground. I don't have to climb to get into my car.
  5. Its small. Its rare anyone wants me to drive them around or borrow my car because its so small.
And last night I almost wrecked my car.  Your reaction to me almost wrecking a car will depend on a few things 1. How long you have know me and 2. How well you know me. For example If you only know me from my blog you will say, "OMG are you okay? What happened?" My family would say  'That's a 1st you didn't wreck a car." 

See how mean my family is!!!

In fact I have only wrecked 1 or 2 cars!!!

OKAY OKAY I have had 3 cars wrecked in my life. But that doesn't mean I am a bad driver...It means I have had bad car karma. And one of those cars was parked in front of my house and I was out of town so I am not sure how you can count that one.

And just because I have been in 1 or 2 car accidents doesn't mean anything

Okay so I have been in 8 car accidents.

I would recount all of the wrecks one by one but they all blend together into 1 giant mass of lets move forward to last night. When I almost wrecked my beautiful little red shoe box of a car.

I was driving home from work when I notice out of the corner of my eye some very large black dog running through the parking lot of one of the many empty building in my small town. Having a premontion of some kind I starting slowing down my car when said monster dog darts in front of my car causing me to slam on my brakes but I still came within inches of hitting this substantially sized dog. The dog then stopped and looked at me over the hood of my car as if he was saying watch it lady. The dog then ran off across the street stopping traffic in all 5 lanes. Me on the other hand...I was very upset. I keep having flashes of my poor red car being damaged beyond repair. And I relived every car wreck, one right after another.

I immediately got home and texted everyone I know. Here is a sampling of the reactions from friends and family.

BF: good hell slow down
Penny: Well at least you didn't! thats scary. I almost hit a cat the other day
Step-dad: Careful
Sister #2: No bueno. Me and bay are at a japanese restaurant. I am gonna make her try sushi
Karrie: scary

Notice not one of my friends or family asked if I was okay or did I need to talk. Or asked what happened? And some even assumed I had some roll in this abnormally large dog roaming the streets with no colar. In this one instant I was completely innocent of all wrong doing. Lets not discuss why I was clear across town far from home driving a route that was not technically the way to my house from the office. Because that doesnt matter!!!!


  1. Are you O.K.? Would you like to talk?

    Sorry, I couldn't resist. Glad you're alright.

  2. Thank you Sandi!!! You are a true friend!!!

  3. You didn't text me!!! I hope that this doesn't change your driving habits and that you're ok!

  4. Im sorry I didmt text you Anna


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