Say Yes to the Guest (Post)

Its always an honor for me to guest post on other blogs. To be honest I am always a little surprised that people want me to guest post on their blogs. After all I am a little crazy and you never know what I might say.

But I am always excited to do it.

Here are some of the other place you can finding my ramblings.

Who's Your Momma?

First Book Love of A Girl Named Michael

Chasing Joy: Weekend Guest Chasing Joy and Kids

I have also had the honor of hosting several guest posts. So here are what other have to say on my blog.

When Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Defining Moments - Getting Older

Lessons Learned From Reading A Girl Named Michael

Running for Sanity

My Life with Boys

Lessons My Husband taught Me...Not

A Book Review

How do You Know You are a Woman

No Consequences

Lazy Gingersnaps

Meeting Violet

Dreaming Big in Oklahoma

Also check out the Guest posts on my How We Met Page.

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