Monday, May 28, 2012

Guest Post: No Consequences

Today I have the honor of having Arlett from Chasing Joy guest blogging. She has been one of my most encouraging friends.

The last few days some friends and I have been discussing a hypothetical question. What would you do if there were no consequences? What would you do if you could not get into trouble, if no one’s feelings would get hurt, if you could not be punished, and would not feel guilt? I told you it was a hypothetical.

Answers I received included kill someone, torture someone (obviously some of my friends have anger issues :-), and something sexual that could not be discussed, LOL. I said I would probably curse a few people out and really speak my mind to a few others. My favorite answers were stealing and not pay taxes. Steal was my favorite because it was the last thing I expected from the person who said it (I’ll give you a hint: she taught me not to steal). Not pay taxes was my favorite because I wish I’d have said it.

I know Michael is reading this saying “What?” “What is Arlett talking about?” My blog, Chasing Joy, is the go to place for optimism, gratitude, and happiness and here I am doing a guest post on A Girl Named Michael and I’m talking about killing, torture, sex, stealing, and tax evasion. Don’t worry Sweet MJ my question was all in fun and I do hope my guest post will bring a little joy.

While this hypothetical question is about as hypothetical as it gets it is fun and a good conversation starter. It is definitely a question you think about seriously. Fear of consequences often stops us from doing what we really want. Granted sometimes the consequences are very real and it is good to consider them before, I don’t know, slapping your co-worker or cursing your mother in law. However, sometimes the consequences are not so dire and are really just in the way of us going after what we want and experiencing the Joy of pursuing our goals and dreams. I’m talking about consequences like someone may make fun of me, or I may look silly, or people will know I failed if it does not work out. These are the consequences we need to pretend don’t exist and go for any and everything that will give us more Joy.

So ask yourself, what would you do if there were no consequences or more realistically what would you do if you were not afraid of the consequences?

Thanks MJ for letting my guest post :-)

Arlett R. Hartie is the author of the Blog Chasing Joy and is a Girlfriend Guru for the online community for women Arlett writes about Chasing Joy by conquering fears, embracing new experiences, and focusing on happiness and positivity while taking in life’s lessons.


  1. I'd probably not show up to work one day :)

  2. I'm afraid to say what I'd like to do as this is the world wide web and things could be used against me as evidence ;)

  3. I'd quit my job and blog full time. I'd say no a lot more often. I'd be much more flirtatious and date more often. I really need to do all of these things.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to connect with your readers Michael :-)

  4. I would pack my backpack, grab my flute, hop on my bike and travel the U.S. playing for my supper and writing in all types of interesting places.

  5. The possibilities would be endless, if we didn't fear the consequences.
    I always think, wouldn't it be worse to never know vs never trying; no matter the consequences?

  6. I used to commute to work via bus. There were times when I wanted to grab the cell phone out of the hands of the person sitting next to me and toss it out the window, because they would have these loud and annoying conversations that would go on and on. So um, yeah, that's what I would do!

  7. All great answers! LOL

    There are some things I'd do and I now question my inherent nature just thinking about them ;-)

    But in an overall sense, yes, sometimes we need to step out of our comfort zone and just LIVE!



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