Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Guest Post: Lessons Learned From Reading A Girl Named Michael

I cant remember when or how I met Susan...It may have been #commenthour or The Sits Girl. However it was I started stalking her writing and blog tips and learned several ways to improve my blog...Now I just need to do them. I was very excited when she agreed to help me out. 

When Michael asked me to blog this week. I was really wondering what I would talk about. Her blog is much more personal than mine. Much more out spoken. Much more about exploring life.

Then I took a little look up there at the taglline, “a loud mouth small town girl full of contradictions. “

And I knew exactly what to write about.

There is a lie we get told in the blogging universe. Find a niche and fill it.

Traffic wise, It will be better. But how interesting is going to be if you don't find something personal. Something to be loud mouthed about. Something to show off your own contradictions.

That is something Michael has captured beautifully with her own blog and why I find it such an entertaining read.

Over time you begin to realize, that people have all sorts of backgrounds. Readers who come to your blog, want you to occasionally talk about yourself. In fact if they stick with you for several months they may actually become invested in your well being.

That is because readers turn into friends. Twitter supporters, care. Maybe it doesn't have the effect of our family or offline friends, but they still impact our day. I know getting one thoughtful tweet can turn my day around.

That is why I heeded Michael’s call and I am writing for you today.

Ways to inject your personality into everything you do:

1.Know yourself.

Think about your personality traits. The things that make you happy, sad, or angry. How have they helped you in your life. How do they bleed into the things you do.

2.What is going in your life?

How can you connect it to the world in a way that will make it a better place.

3.What are you passionate about?

I love listing my passions. They remind me of my goals and ambitions. I am always pushing myself to make more of them happen.

4.What are you Grateful for?

So many studies have been done now that we know that listing things that we are grateful for everyday can make us happier. Let the people in your life know what they do that you are grateful for.

5.Accept that you don't know

When we give ourselves permission to not control he universe, we find ways to really be present and aware. When you feel less stressed, you find the freedom to just be yourself instead of a superwoman/man all the time.

How do you let your little light shine?

Susan is the founder of the 1UP Project, giving bloggers another life. She works as a contract copywriter and has written for several online publications on the topics of social media, marketing, and pop-culture.She is a weekly contributor to the popular website 12most. 

You can also found her on twitter.

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  1. Thank you so much for inviting me to post! You are an inspiration :)


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