Monday, May 14, 2012

How We Met - Yo Babe, Wazzup?

I met today's guest blogger, Serena, way back when I first starting taking my blog a little bit more seriously. She often keeps me laughing and always has a supportive word when I most need one.

Even though I am a blogger, I often forget that emotions such as sarcasm are lost in the written, online format. I am often found with my foot in my mouth trying to explain that I really was being sarcastic, and am usually left with an uneasy feeling that the person who was offended doesn’t quite believe me. I sometimes wish that this were an aspect of myself that I could change, but then I remember, that if I was not this awful at relaying sarcasm over the internet, I would never be married to the most spectacular husband in the world.
About ten years and a half ago, I was living online. I was on my own, in school and had finally gotten an apartment that I could afford to live in by myself. The thing about suddenly being cast into the world all on your own, is that you get lonely. My chat lines were online 24/7 – just to get some interaction with SOMEONE when I was home.

I don’t know if you remember ICQ, but it was a chat line the was popular before MSN chat and after MiRC (I think I just revealed how old I am…shoot…). On ICQ you were able to put in areas, ages, sexes and it would give you a list of online persons who fit that demographic. It was really cool, and I got to talk to all types of people (both good and bad) and I do believe that it was around then that I started my love affair with the internet.

This is exactly what happened the lovely day when I first heard (read?) the romantic words from a new young man, “Yo babe, whazzup?!”. I have to tell you, I was NOT impressed. So, I replied (yes, I replied), “Hello?”. Now this is where the sarcasm comes in. I meant “Hello?!” as in Clueless-style (yes I am old), sarcastic, complete diss, why-are-you-talking-to-me hello. He heard the hee-hee-hee, I-am-a-ditz-and-love-when-men-speak-in-slang-to-little-old-me, panties fly off type off hello. Needless to say, he continued to talk to him. Luckily for me, none of his other sentences sounded anything like someone who would start a conversation with “Yo babe, wazzup?” would say.

It actually sounded remotely normal. So I kept talking to him, and after a few weeks, he gave me his phone number and we started calling each other constantly. When we finally agreed to meet, it was as if electricity ran from him to me when we first saw each other. Sadly, that statement was not sarcasm – I actually felt something happen in the weirdest way (I swear I am sane, I promise).

Anyway, seven years later, my Luv Luv and I decided to get married and four years after that, we are very happily married, even though we are presently living in two different countries. He is the only one I can imagine myself with and the only one who knows exactly how to comfort me when I am greatly upset. He is my rock and my strength, and he is the reason that I have done as well as I have in life.

So in the end, maybe my inability to relay sarcasm across the blog-o-sphere may be a good thing for me – it brought me the best thing that has ever happened to me – my only family member that I have and ever will choose, my Luv Luv, who I thank God every day for and am still puzzled as to how I became the lucky one to win his heart.

Serena (a.k.a. Bewildered Bug) is a 30-something PR-friendly “smug-married” self-proclaimed people-watcher trying to navigate through life.  This blog is my attempt at relaying my story to you. She grew up in the little island of Trinidad and currently reside in the huge metropolis that is Toronto with options to move again.  She is married and looking forward to the day when we have one or two little bugs running around the house.
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