Friday, May 11, 2012

Healing Broken Bones

After getting my diagnostic and then a cast I immediately went home and searched ways to help a broken bone heal on Google.

I got a lot of information and thought I would case you one day need this information.

  1. No drinking.  I can do that, I like a glass of wine or a cocktail but if it means my hand heals faster I am willing to give it up until it heals.
  2. No smoking.  I don't smoke so no problem here.
  3. Eliminate caffeine. WTH!!!!  I don't think so...the world is not ready for me and no caffeine.
  4. Eat a balanced diet that includes the recommended amount of calcium. Not a problem I like calcium rich foods and not just the good ones like ice cream.
  5.  Follow doctor’s orders concerning your treatment plan. Easy enough he said don't use my hand and then he put a cast on it so I can't use it.
  6. Don’t overdo!  Not easy for me but hey if I need to lie around to get better its a sacrifice I am willing to make.
  7. Stay happy!  I am a happy person...except for this last week I have been all melancholy but that is only because I hate limitations I am working it out. 
  8. Take prescribed pain medications when you need them. Hey I didn't get any pain fair.
  9. Do something for someone else. Hello Victim Advocate!!!!
  10. Bless others by opening your heart to receive their help. I have no problem asking for help. I'm 5'1" I can never reach anything and have had to ask people for help my whole life.
One last bit of advice if you brake your scaphoid like I did you should also avoid activities with a risk of falling onto hand (for example, inline skating, jumping on a trampoline). Or if you are me walking in general.


  1. I would have totally done the same thing. Hope you quickly.

  2. Good tips! I just hope I never have to use them (fingers crossed)... I hope you heal quickly!


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