Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Baby is 8 Years Old

A few weeks after I brought her home

Today is my puppy's birthday! She is 8 years old today. Is it weird that I call my 97 lbs. rottweiler a puppy? I don't care if it is, she's my puppy.

No bone, shoes or bra are save with Tashi around.

My Uncle and Aunt use to breed rottweilers. And they gave me the pick of the litter. However, I didn't pick Tashi she picked me. At 4 weeks she came up to me started loving on me. From that moment on she was my puppy.

Look at that cute little puppy face!!!1

Tashi and I have been inseparable ever since she came to live with me at 9 weeks old. I would even take her to work with me. Some times I still do.

Tashi at 6 years old

Now she is getting old! She is slower than she use to be and has a hard time walking up stairs but no one is happier to see me when I get home than she is

She is a very sweet dog that likes any body who visits except men in uniforms. I'm not sure why!

Guarding presents

Tashi beliefs she deserves a pillow for her head and if she cant find one she will use anything she can find as a pillow including Christmas gifts. 

Enjoying the fresh powder!!!


She also loves the snow. As a puppy she would prance through the snow like a deer.

Sleeping on my nieces bed...naughty puppy!!!

"She doesn't understand she is not allowed on the beds", my niece tells me. I don't believe that she only gets on the beds when she knows I am not around.

My teddy bear

But to me she will always be the tiny little puppy I first brought home.


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