Thursday, May 19, 2011

Attack of the Killer Pizza

I am seriously the most unfortunate girl sometimes. I am not sure why the fates have plotted against me; I have tried to be a good person. None the less they have or at least it’s the only explanation I can come up with as to why the stuff that happens to me happens to me. Because trust me the events that happened last night would not happen to anyone else but me.

Last night I received a text from my sister asking me to pick up something for dinner. Since I am cheap and tired I decided to get the $5 pepperoni pizza deal at Papa Murphy’s. I would like to say that this is not my go to dinner when I am tired and stressed but it is and I eat it once a week. And I have the cooking of a Papa Murphy’s pizza down to an art but last night something went terribly wrong.

I didn’t burn down the house or accidentally cook the cat but it was equally bizarre. Let me break it down for you…

After coming home; I unwrapped the pizza and put it in the oven (my sister had preheated the oven). After the 15 minutes I opened the oven and pulled out the oven rack but the pizza had stuck to the back of the oven. What you say? How is that possible?…hell I don’t know. But yes it was stuck to the back of the oven and since I had pulled the oven rack out the pizza started to fold in half and fall. So I tried to push the oven rack back in the oven to stop the pizza from falling but to late the pizza fell but it was also still stuck to the back of the oven.

I then tried to “unstick” the pizza and burned the top of my hand on the oven. I did manage to get the pizza lose but it is now sitting on the bottom of the oven, but at least it is right side up.

I stand there for a second trying to figure out how to get the pizza out with out further burning myself…realizing that my only option is to be very careful I reach in (I had on oven mitts) and tried to get my pizza. At this point I burn my arm on the oven racks (note to self remove racks next time pizza falls to bottom of oven).

After finally getting the pizza out I notice at some point the hot cheese on one side had slid to the middle of the pizza, I quickly mush it all back in place and pretend like nothing had happened.

I told you that it would not happen to anyone but me.


  1. It is so frustrating when Pizza attacks us!! LOL. Enjoyed the heck out of this post.

    ALWAYS GRAND to read your words!

  2. I hope that you can laugh at this now! Fortunately I havent been attacked by pizza recently, but I really enjoyed your post! I am here thanks to Flashback Friday with Chasing Joy.


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