Thursday, July 14, 2011

Angry Birds have Ruined My LIfe!!!

Do you know about angry birds?

I bet you do!! Everyone knows about angry birds except one of my coworkers.

Well those little pig killing birds are ruining my perfect relationship. Okay so maybe we are not perfect but those birds are ruining it ever since they entered into my world.

Ever since The BF discovered Angry Birds he has been playing it for hours ever evening and now he has downloaded it to his Ipod and now when he is with me or talking to me he is playing Angry Birds.


Am I not worthy of your attention?

He says my hours I spend social networking is more than the few hours he plays Angry Birds. I think that its comparing apples and meatloaf.

I think I am instituting no electronics after 5:00PM Thursdays. We need some quality time.

But what do I do with the pseudo step-kids?


  1. I will admit...I know OF Angry Birds bur did not know exactly where they came from or what they were. lol. I am not techie remember? But thanks for the FYI. Men and games - that is a global phenomenon isn't it? Good luck!

  2. I have no idea what angry birds is actually. But if it is addicting then I need to stay away. :)


  3. I have to say, I can't blame him. Though, I *try* my hardest not to play while TALKING to other people.

  4. I feel your frustration with Angry Birds - one of my best friends completely ignores me when she's on it. I'll be having a conversation and she'll just be glued to her iPod - major grrrr!! #commenthour

  5. I know what it is, all too well, and it is very addicting. Nothing worse than Mr. Husband laying in bed at 2 am playing that game when I am trying to sleep. His excuse..."I'm making myself tired" HA

  6. I guess Im the only one who doesn't know about Angry Birds. I thought you were talking about real birds. I am so confused and feel depressed. :)


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