Monday, July 11, 2011

Stay Out of My Head!!!

I have a song stuck in my head!!!!

I have had this song stuck in my head for 5 days. Whenever my mind wonders there is the song! I am having a hard time focusing on anything else.

To make matters worse its a song I don't like from a musical I HATE!!!! Is hate a to strong of a word? Not in this case.

In case you missed it the song is from a musical! A musical I saw 20+ years ago. It may have been closer to 25 years ago. I found the musical so horrible that I think I fell asleep in the middle of it.

So why is a song from South Pacific stuck in my head when I haven't seen the movie is almost 30 years? I don't know. One day I woke up singing it.

I have tried every trick to get it out of my head but its still there. I don't even know all the words I know 2 lines which I think are the chorus.

So if you see me and my lips are moving and it looks like I am talking to myself...I am not!!! You can just sing along...

There is nothing like a Dame
Nothing in the World
There is nothing you can name
That is anything like a Dame

Please help me!!!!! PLEASE!!!!! If you have a technique to get songs out of your head please share them.


  1. You could always try the "Bieber" approach. Whenever I get a song stuc in my head that I don't like, Mr. Husband starts singing "baby baby baby ohhhhhh, my baby baby baby nooooo" and then I get that song stuck there. I don't like Bieber either but at least it's tolerable haha

  2. That only works if you know Justin Bieber songs and I dont know.Maybe I will go find some on YouTube

  3. Turn on SpongeBob Squarepants. That theme song overrides all others & will create an ear worm stronger than South Pacific. I claim no responsibility for brain damage caused by this suggestion.

  4. Watch the whole musical. Maybe you will then like it better and it will leave.


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