Thursday, September 1, 2011

How We Met - I'm Just Looking for a Friend

Today I would like to introduce you to Celia my very first guest blogger. Celia blogs over at ...just trying to find my way. She is a 20something wanna be house-wife stuck in the working girl's world. Celia and I bonded one day on twitter when we both discovered we were small town girls. And them again when she agreed to be my 1st guest blogger for my new How We Met series. She is sweet, funny and very sincere. Reading her blog always makes me fell warm and fuzzy inside.

hello there lovely readers! 

i am so happy to be guest posting for MJ. 

she is seriously one of the sweetest bloggy/twitter friends i have met!

my name is Celia! 

i blog over at 

so you want to know how me and my soon-to-be hubby met?

i graduated high school in 2003, and pushed all my friends away. 

my father had gotten sick my junior year and was unable to work. 

so i put off going to college to work full time and help my parents out financially.

my parents didn't want me to, but i insisted. 

my friends wouldn't understand. how could they? they were all going to college. 

then October of 2004 i decided i wanted to reconnect with my friends. 

i missed them. and in january i was going to start college. we could now relate. 

i found an old friend on AIM. chit chatted with him for a bit and he invited me out to a little place in Seabrook,TX where his friend's band would be playing. i love live music, so i figured sure, why not?

he introduced me to his best friend. Ok. he was just some guy. no big deal.

honestly i wasn't interested in "meeting" anyone at this point.

my old friend made passes at me which i just  laughed off. 

i then agreed to meet up with him at another little local spot to watch his friend's band play. 

i showed up, and so did another 2-3 girls... all pawing for his attention. 

i am not one to paw for anyone's attention. at all.

...and i thought we were coming out as friends...

i wanted to go home. i looked around, and i saw Mychael sitting in a corner. 

i remembered him from the last time and he was really nice. 

the seating was high up so i used his leg to help myself up.

...and i didn't remove it. oops. embarrassing.

later i recognised him on my friend's myspace page, so i friend requested him.

we messaged each other and then exchanged AIM names.

we chatted online for over 6mos. i wouldn't go and hang out with him. 

i was afraid. i had started to develop feelings when i had told myself i wasn't dating anyone at this point.

i had just gotten out of a bad relationship, i just wanted a friend. 

...and i had that. 

i made up every excuse not to go out.

i was doing my hair, or nails.

then one day, he was going out of town for about a week.

he blogged on myspace about how he was done chasing this "girl".

he would leave on vacation, come back and be over her. 

wait! this "girl" was ME! I liked him... we went on our very first date. 

dinner and a movie. 

everything came naturally.

conversation was great. 

i had no problem cleaning my plate at dinner. 

the rest is history!

it's been a wonderful 6 years! 

...and now...

You can follow Celia on Twitter or at ...just trying to find my way.


  1. I love your story Celia!!
    reminds me a lot of my story with my Mr.

    . . . and they lived happily ever after!!


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