Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happily Ever After?

Yesterday I watched a very cute new series Once Upon a Time. Can I say what a fun new concept on fairy tales. I will probably continue to watch and see what happens but I have one little tiny itty bitty issue with the show.

The concept is this...all the fairy tales got kicked out of fairy land due to a curse that was placed on them by the evil queen. The curse stops the characters in the fairy tales from finding their happy ending (in fact they forget they are fairy tales) and banishes them to our world were only the evil queen will find her happy ending.

This had me thinking all night. Does this mean we don't have happy endings in our world? Which than made me question myself...I loudly proclaim to not believe in happily ever after. I tell people all the time that you don't meet the prince, get married and never have another problem. I believe that when you meet the person you think you can spend your life with, the two of you will hopefully be holding hands and supporting each other but that you will have good and bad times.

So if I believe that than why did it bother me that fairy tales (fictional character) cant not find their happily ever after in the real world?

It just seems weird that something so simple would bother me so much.

Maybe I need a vacation.

Maybe its because I have found my happy place and  I want those fairy tales to find it also.

Maybe I just had one glass to many of wine last night.


  1. Oh, I missed the premiere! I'll try to catch it next week. Sounds fun.

  2. It was pretty cute with flash back to fairy land (can we say awesome costumes) intermingled with our wold

  3. I watched the first 20 min. and I liked it. If you missed it its on Hulu and HuluPlus. I'm definitely putting this on my list of shows to watch.

  4. I too watched it and found that I really enjoyed it. The evil queen looked amazing in her outfit. Just what I needed, another show to be addicted to. I've missed reading your blog girl! But I just had to step back for awhile, I felt overwhelmed. Hope to chat with ya soon


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