Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Only Way to Make a Decision

Yesterday I took the "pseudo" step-daughter with me while I completed a few errands.

As usual this crazy girl amazed me with her wit and wisdom. She ponder existential thoughts as wouldn't it be weird if you unlocked the car to keep people out and locked it and people could get it in. Informed me that if I wasn't mean then that makes me nice (I am always telling her I am mean). And the deep philosophical question of how would we find my car if everyone drove the same car.

Since we were having such a good time we decided we need a treat, which really means that we were walking through the aisle with all the nail colors and we were side tracked by all the shiny bottles and really really wanted one.

As we stood before the cornucopia of colorful choices I told her she could pick the color but we could only get one. She immediately went for the purples (its our favorite color). She narrowed her choices between two very different and oh so cute shades of purple and seriously pondered which color to get.

I was just about to tell her to hurry up we need to go when she started to say eenie meenie miney moe to pick the color. It was at this point that I knew what a good influence I was on her, everyone knows that's the only way to make a good choice.

I hope The BF and The Ex-wife/Friend appreciate all the interest I take in their kids.

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