Monday, November 21, 2011

Guest Posting at Campfire Song

Today I am guest posting over at Campfire Song. Let me take a moment to introduce you to my friend Lindsey.
I’m Lindsey. I’m mom to four kiddoes, aged four and under. (It’s a nuthouse around here, but I spend too much time laughing to regret spacing my kids so closely.) I’m university-educated, an ex-entrepreneur and serious multitasker. I can cook, clean, do electrical work and even repair major appliances. I detest

sports and I pretend to be crafty. I’m sarcastic, competitive and I swear too much, and am also very compassionate and always looking to grow. I attack ideas, not individuals. Or, that’s absolutely my goal. My life is way to full to complain about (or with) the neighbours.
My husband detested sports too, until five minutes after we exchanged vows. He’s in the military and when he’s not travelling the world fighting wars, he’s here spending time with his babies and making memories. He’s not into blogs, so you won’t be hearing much about him.

Kid 1: Our firstborn. She’s very stubborn, very smart and full of feeling – much like her parents.
Kid 2: He’s mischievous, got a sly sense of humour and loves to aggravate (and occasionally love on) his brother and sister.
Kid 3: He grins all day, sleeps through the night and doesn’t barf on me. He really is the perfect baby.
You can find me writing about anything from politics to cross-stitching to food – life as a SAHM can be diverse that way. Hopefully you can relate to some of the insanity that molds my existence as a twenty-something mother, Army wife, born-again Christian, conservative common-sense advocate. Pull up a chair and enjoy your stay.
Please hop over to her blog and check out my post and then take the time to explore Campfire Song.

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