Friday, November 18, 2011

My Permanent Record

 Do you ever wonder what your driving record says about you???

I use to sweat about my driving record a lot when I was younger especially ever time I got pulled over and was facing ANOTHER ticket. As a younger drive I figured speed limits were more of a guide line and less of a rule of thumb so I was getting pulled over often. And every time I would be sweating bullets and wondering how many points do I have on my license and is this the ticket that will be putting me over and getting my license suspended. Luckily that never happened I was always just under the points (good thing they go away after so many years).

But I haven't gotten a ticket in over 10 years!!!! Yup 10 years. That's so awesome!! To be honest its not because I haven't been pulled over it is because I haven't been issued a ticket but I also don't speed around like drag racer anymore so I am breaking less rules.

But I think that all changed on Wednesday when I accidentally ran a red light. And it was truly an accident.

I was driving around in a city I am not very familiar with when I got lost. I am not sure how I ended up lost I was on my way home and I was looking for a coffee shop. The guy at the hotel told me where to find one and in my zest for caffeine I got lost. I was driving and looking around trying to discover my location when I ran a red light.

I swear it was green just seconds before but I noticed as I was driving under it was now red. I have no idea how long it was red and now I am sitting here wondering if my perfect driving record is ruined and I will be getting a ticket in the mail with a picture of me cruising through a red light.

Nothing to do now but wait and see. I hate waiting!!!!


  1. Ugh, what a bummer!! A friend of mine accidentally ran two in a row & it got her both times. -Yeah, I know, how do you miss it twice?!

  2. So did you ever get a ticket in the mail??? Hope that one did not have a camera. :-)


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