Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The Ramblings of a Crazy Woman

There are few thinks in this world that causes my heart to skip a beat and panic like having less than half a tank of gas in my car.

Its a very bizarre weird thing but I am constantly worried about running out of gas and being stranded so the moment I see that I half a tank of gas I immediately make a bee line for the nearest gas station.

Keep in mind that I have never ever run out of gas.

To be honest this fear runs deeper than just being stranded. What if for some reason I need to be able to get in my car and drive away and I don't have the means to get gas. I'm not sure when if ever this situation will arise but if it does it will be one of three scenarios...

  1. I will some how end up being chased by a crazed Freddy Kruger/Michael Myers type lunatic and having enough gas in my car and being able to drive far far away is the only thing that will keep me alive.
  2. There will be some kind of invasion like that on Red Dawn and making it to the high country to hide out is my best chance to fight with the resistance (WOLVERINES).
  3. The Zombie Apocalypse will occur and I will need to escape to a less populated area to meet up with the other survivors.
Which ever it is I am sure you agree that I will need gas in my car.

What are the things that cause you to panic?


  1. Wow, it takes you clear till a half tank?? I can't even get down past 3/4 full and I have to fill up. It is one thing I just can't stand! I always want to know that no matter what, I have gas in my car. Not only that, but I always carry a full gas can with me. It's always better to be prepared!

    ~Rachel :D

  2. I'm seriously always thinking about #1 too... especially about Freddy... so I'm often scared before going to bed...

  3. *laughs* I have a phobia of running out of toilet paper. I always buy more than we need.

  4. You are not alone in your panic about running out of gas. I too, never allow my tank to go below 1/4. I have nearly run out of gas in a rural area though.It was very scary.


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