Monday, November 12, 2012

The BFs Favorite Thing...Duct Tape!

Last Friday as I was minding my own business on Facebook I notice that The BF has posted a picture.

It is a picture of our laundry hamper and the power of duct tape.

Besides being embarrassed that he posted the picture, I am embarrassed because he had to duct tape the thing in the first place. And its all my fault.

You see we didn't have a laundry hamper and this one fell into my lap free. I knew it was cheap and not made of good material but I thought it will work until I find the one I want.

Unfortunately I have not found one. I blame it on the fact that I just picked a paint color for the bathroom so I am unsure what "vision" I have for the bathroom and as everyone knows a hamper can make or brake your "vision".

Almost from the moment I brought the hamper home it ripped and I just keep saying I am not spending money on a hamper I don't like. I guess The BF got sick of it looking so bad and he decided to duct tape the stupid thing until I can make a decision.

Having a duct tape hamper has finally spurred me to make finalize my "vision"....thanks sweetie.

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