Monday, August 16, 2010

I Hate Flying!!!!

I recently flew to Washington D.C. for a training. I had an amazing trip except for 1 or 2 things. These things are all centered around flying. I understand the physics of it all and it makes as much sense as physics ever makes. I don't even mind the cramped seats and crying babies. In fact I'm not scared to fly and I use to love flying. But airlines have ruined flying for me. I am not going to name which evil airline I flew for fear they will blacklist me and add me to the list of passengers they routinely strip search when ever they fly.

First comes the stress of making sure my bag was under the weight restrictions and as anyone who knows me can tell you I do not understand the concept packing light. Luckily I was 3 lbs under the limit.

On the flight to D.C. they announce our flight is delayed because something is wrong with the door that has been fixed but now they are waiting for the "door inspector" to sign off on the repairs. A "DOOR INSPECTOR" are you for real. To they pay one guy at the airport to inspect the doors? And they wonder why they are going broke. Is this a guy who inspects other parts of the plane also and just has an unfortunate job title or does he really just inspect the doors? Is this a union job? Do you go to school for this job?

Then my flight home is delayed due to weather in Atlanta. My delayed flight has cause me a fair amount of stress due to my connecting flight back to Utah. But the pilot and flight attendant assure me that no flights are leaving or landing in Atlanta on time due to the storm. So I sit back and relax while I read my book. As soon as we landed I check the monitors to discover where is my next gate..(the flight attendants use to walk around and tell everyone but not anymore)..only to discover that the only flight that left Atlanta on time was the one I was suppose to be flying on.

Seriously? I go to the little kiosk to see when they have rescheduled me and they want to put me on a flight at 10:30 the next day!!!! I don't think so. So I did they next logical thing I spoke to an employee of the airline rescheduling people. The flight I was suppose to be on was the last flight out that evening so the earliest they can get me out is 7:30AM if I was willing to sit in an exit aisle seat. I'm willing to sit anywhere, anything to get home. But I'm still stuck over night in Atlanta.

Then with no explanation the person helping gets up and runs off. Seriously she ran off!!! I know I had been traveling all day but I was sure I didn't stink. She came back and asked if there was anything else she could do for me. AAH YEA...I'm stuck in the airport!!!!!! She said she cant get me a hotel room and I was like what about food vouchers for the flight and a blanket and pillow since I am now sleeping in the airport. She acted all put out by my request but did give me the request items. Just a note to travelers have you ever tried sleeping in an airport? Cause you don't really sleep. More like laying on chairs wishing you could scream so instead you go into the bathroom to cry and then smack your arm on the protruding counter leaving a very ugly bruise.

Well 7:30 rolls around and we are all sitting on the plane waiting for it to taxi away from the terminal. And we are sitting there and sitting there and finally they tells there is a mechanical problem with the plane. They have fixed the problem but are waiting for the inspector to come sign off on the repairs. I really wanted to ask is this the same guy who inspects the doors?

My finally question is at the baggage claim there was 5 baggage carousals and only 1 was working. The airline had decided to send all incoming flights to the same place leaving the other 4 empty. 500 people standing around trying to decide if the same black bag is their bag. Luckily mine was red and I found it quickly.


  1. Luckily you got your baggage at all! Most of the time when that kind of stuff happens it ends up in africa or somewhere other than where you are! I'm sorry for all the troubles.

  2. Now I can look back and laugh but Im going to think twice before flying that airline again!!!!!

  3. It is a funny story and I'm glad you got home safe to tell it. :)


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