Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Campfires & Dirt & Nature...Oh My

Last weekend my boyfriend took me camping.

I am not a girl who like to camp the last time I went camping was 8+ years ago. No matter how long I don't like to camp but being a good girlfriend and realizing that The BF does a lot of things with me he doesn't always like, I went camping but only over night. And belief it or not I went with a good attitude.

The night before as I was standing in bed of the truck helping load things for the trip my BF asked what I would like to eat camping. I really didn't care so I said "I don't care honey whatever you want to cook." I thought I was being easy and agreeable apparently by saying whatever you what I was being difficult. So still trying to be agreeable I said "Steaks?" This got an immediate rejection. So I asked "What did you have when you took the kids camping?" (Have I mentioned he has 2 very cute kids who like me as much as I like them and the week before he took them camping?) He said Hamburger and Hot Dogs. I stated that sounds easy lets eat that. He said NO!!!!

Now I am getting frustrated and suggest chicken. No again. I yell (a bit dramatic but hey I can be that girl often) I am not eating pork chops and start having visions of stuffing his cold dead body in a sleeping bag and dropping it in a ravine. After much negations and eye rolling on both our parts we settle on chicken!!!! I spent the rest of the evening wondering if this overnight trip will be the end of us and I'm sure he spent the rest of the evening wondering why he is dating me.

The next morning after a late start we start on our ill fated adventure. After driving for 45 minutes he turns off on what some people might consider a road but I thought was a deer trail. We drive along this path for what seemed forever but may have only been 15 minutes until the BF finds a spot the so remote the coyotes don't even know it exists. At this point The BF then proceeds to cut down some shrubs and create our campsite. Up to this point in our relationship I thought I was dating an outdoorsy guy, I didn't realise that he was a direct descendant of Grizzly Adams

After setting up the tent and yes I helped... it was decided we need to go on a walk (not by me of course). At which point The BF starts loading the guns he brought along. Yes guns as in more than 1 gun. Two to be exact. I innocently ask why he is taking guns on our walk to which he replies so WE can shoot them.

WTF. Is he nuts? I regularly burn and cut myself when I cook and now he wants to give me a weapon. I explain that the last "gun" I "shoot" was a water gun and that was so long ago I cant even remember it. He ignores me and hands me a rifle explaining to me the proper way to carry.

So we set off on this hike that is going to end with one of us killing the other for sure...after walking on the so called trail we leave the path (again not my idea) and start hiking up a hill. I have not worn proper shoes since I started buying my own so now I'm carrying a gun up a hill in flip flops at one point I carefully explain honey I am done walking and sit on a log after checking for dirt and bugs. The BF starts shooting at squirrels and trees. I ask why are we trying to kill squirrels and practice I am told. Target parctice, really?

At this point I start to wonder outloud what did the trees ever do to us. I have nothing against these trees why do I want to shoot them. For this I get a dirty look. I am all for killing squirrels they are covered in germs and rather noisy. After sitting patiently for about 3 minutes I am bored and want to take a nap. Since I have nothing else to do I start asking a multitude of mindless questions just to annoy the BF so we can leave.

It doesn't even phase him he keeps shooting and I keep sitting. After awhile I decide I want to shoot this gun so I can I ask how does this thing work!!!! The BF rather impatiently shows me how to aim and to "squeeze" the trigger. Is there truly a difference between pulling the trigger and squeezing the trigger? After firing off a few rounds and realizing I'm a freaking natural and I'm hitting my target (poor tree), The BF starts picking targets for me and I'm either hitting them or coming close. Which I think is good for my 1st time.

So I now I am hungry and thirsty so we go back to the camp site to eat and drink beer. And spend a pleasant evening in front of the campfire. Then comes bed time when I realize I will be sleeping in the tent with my BF and his 2 dogs and my 1 dog. This was not well thought out. I don't like sleeping on the ground and really dont like sleeping with the dogs on the bed or sleeeping bag in this case.

After tossing and turning the BF wakes me up in the morning to freashly brewed coffee and a breathtaking view. This makes camping worth it. And based on this 1 hour I might go camping again. However Im not sure my BF will take me ever again!!!!!

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