Monday, August 30, 2010

Sex & Coffee

I am dating an awesome guy but we don't have a lot in common. In fact I'm inclined to thing we have only 2 things in common...SEX AND COFFEE. Don't get me wrong its amazing sex and mind blowing coffee but can you have a relationship based on those 2 things?

I really think that is all we have in common after all her reads 4wheeler magazine and I read Instyle. He reads Field and Stream and I read Vogue. I cant be away from my cell phone for 2 seconds he always leaves his cell phone behind.

Can this relationship possible work out? Well we both like horror movies, our steaks med-rare, blue moon beer, Stephen King books, Deadlist Catch, Lazy Sundays...Okay maybe we have more in common than mind blowing sex and amazing coffee.


  1. Who doesn't like Blue Moon beer though?

  2. I think it can work MJ; me and mine don't have much in common....but having each other in common counts doesn't it? ;-)

  3. My boyfriends exwife doesnt like Blue Moon!!!! Maybe thats why they got divorced.


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