Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Returning to the Scene of the Crime

Last night I did a dangerous thing....I went in to the closet. Not just any closet but the one that ended up sending me to the Emergency Room. Believe it or not I haven't even looked in that closet since the accident. Imagine my surprise when I realized that it wasn't a shelf that ruthlessly attacked me but an open door.

That's right there is a little half door at the back of the closet. Where does this door lead to I am not sure. And based on the relationship the closet and I have had so far I don't want to know. Its like something out of a book or movie.

Any minute Harry Potter will burst through this weird cupboard and yell Stupefy. Or I will go through the little half door and end up in Narnia and will meet The White Witch and Aslan and because I like all things shiny and pretty I will follow The White Witch and will finally go to the dark side. Which we all knew was just a mattered of time. Or the scariest thought is I will end up in the mind of John Malkovich and then end up on the side of The New Jersey Turnpike after 15 minutes and then I would stumble upon Tony Soprano performing a hit and have to join the Witness Protection Program. Or what if its some ancient portal to Hell...OMG I have to stop thinking about it. I think I will stay away from the cupboard in fact maybe I will have it sealed so nothing comes in or out.


  1. If you need back up on tackling the diabolical and evil closet; because it does need to be reminded it serves you and needs to be put in its place, (attacking you like that!), call me! :D

  2. I just might do that. I knwo between the 2 of us we have read a book that will help us solve this problem. ;)

  3. Michael, you read too many books!! Everything you mentioned has happened in a book. I love that you have such a rich imagination, but if you really want to know what comes out of those doors........
    100 cupboards. Try that book on for size

  4. Anna...I will add it to my list but it sounds a bit omnious!!!


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