Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Call Me Grace

I do not come from the most graceful of families. In fact we are all klutzes and its amazing that we haven't died out due to our accident prone nature. One time my mom step down off a bus and twisted her ankle so bad that it was the sizes of 2 softballs. My brother once hit a parked car while riding his bike. My sister crashed through a glass door and my dad once fell and cut his head on a chain saw. So as you can see we are very accident prone.

And I always have a new bruise from walking into walls, furniture or tripping over my own feet. But the last few days have been extreme even for me. Two days ago I was moving a bookcase when not 1 but 2 shelves fell out of the book case and hit my foot. Okay so they both didn't hit my foot, one landed on my foot and the other landed on the shelf that landed on my foot. In my defense I had forgotten that this book case didn't not have shelves that attached but rather were sitting on brackets. My foot immediately started to turn purple and swell. For the last 2 days it has become deeper shades of purple and it is now painful to walk.

And then last night....I fell down my stairs. I only fell down 2 steps and was not injured I just laid on the floor laughing while my dog, Tashi, ran upstairs to get my mom. She's such a good dog.

Then while moving some boxes upstairs, I bumped into something. I am not sure if it was a shelf, drawer, box or rubber tote (mostly likely a shelf) but a few minutes later I looked down and not only was my leg scratched and bleeding but it was also turning a nice shade of purple. So I slapped a couple of band aids. Luckily I always pack the 1st aid kit last.

 Did this stop me....I bet you already know the answer is NO. I didn't not slow down for a minute. While moving a piece of furniture it started to tip and instead of letting it fall I decided in a moment of brilliance to stop it with my body. YES I SAID MY BODY!!!!! This has caused major bruising on my arm and my thigh.

At this point you would think I would call it a day. Sit back and watch TV, eat some dinner, drink a bottle of wine and relax. But apparently I was not done. Oh No!!! I decided that my already accident prone day was not complete without adding a trip to the ER. 

Tigger who is not a whiny cat was having some stress from the move and was meowing and hiding in a closet. As I bend down to comfort her I whacked my head on a shelf (are you detecting a theme). Immediately my head starting bleeding. I am all by myself with a head wound. I walked quickly and a bit dazed to the bathroom to see how bad I was cut.

At this point I started crying knowing I need to go to the hospital but knowing I couldn't drive. So I did what any girl would do I called my MOMMY to come and get me. Who after loading me in the truck started laughing at me...WTF!!!!! I'm bleeding and she is laughing. Ever time she looked at me she would laugh, I'm pretty sure she pointed at me and laughed at some point.

I was holding a bloody wash rag to my forehead on my way to the Emergency Room and my mother is laughing at me. Soon after arriving at the ER I started to go into shock(Im a bit dramatic) because I started to get sick and the nurse ended up putting me on oxygen.

I ended up not getting stitches (although I was pretty sure my mom was going to start arguing with the Dr. about that). The wound was already closing so it was decided to put some Dermbond and steri strips on my forehead and a tetanus shot in my arm.

It has been suggested that I move into a bubble, I think a better idea is wrapping me in bubble wrap. I have bruises from my forehead down to the top of my foot. An intervention may be necessary.


  1. I love you!!!! You sound like my mom but worse. hahaha. Try not to kill yourself today and watch out for those shelves. THey can be down right vicious :D

  2. Always trying to be the center of attention!

  3. I'm sorry that I laughed. (well maybe not) but it was funny)

  4. Oh pookie pooh! Dont feel bad. My boyfriend is always ragging in me for havung something wrong with me and I have NO clue as to how or what happened. Got up to get off the bus one day banged my knee (soooo painful) swelled up ahhhh cant walk....nope didnt stop there...mom wanna play double dutch....sure oh wait twisted my ankle because my behind forgot that I messed my knee up. How bcuz I dont know how to sit my happy behind down. Been there done that and tripped over the T-shirt. So sad.

  5. Poor You. You have a good spirit about it. LOL

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