Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Need the Keys to Your Kingdom...Please!!!

My boyfriend won’t give me a key to his house or the code to his garage. Its not that he doesn’t trust me, at least I hope that is not it. He trusts me enough to take care of his kids when he has to work and get them to school, fed and on time. I help cook at his house, do our laundry and vacuum (I only vacuum cause my dog sheds and I refuse to leave her behind each weekend). But I don’t deserve a house key!!!

I really don’t understand. We have known each other for almost 14 months and dated for 10 of those months but still no house key for me. I spend 3 out of 7 days a week at his house, I think at that point you say “Honey, here is the key to my house.” After all I have a key to my friend’s house to use when she is out of town. She doesn’t even have a key to her house. In fact she asked me the other day to borrow my key so she could make a copy of it.

Normally the BFs issues don’t bother me, really WTF do I care if he has some weird control issue. After all I have 1 or 2 control issues myself. However, I think at this point I have earned the right to be able to enter his home when he is not there. Not that I plan on doing that. I only want to do that on occasions like on Friday when The BF is running late and I am suppose to meet him at his house but he is not there so I have to wait for him outside in my car when its hot so I have to run the air conditioning and waste gas which I can’t afford.

And you know if the roles were reversed he would be demanding a key to my house. But when ever I say anything he gets all defensive and acts like I am asking for a kidney. I have tampons in his bathroom, clothes in the closet and all my CDs are there but I can’t get a key.


  1. He's a guy who still likes the thought of his own castle. I was the same way. I had a hard the first time I came home to find my gf (now wife) cooking in my kitchen and moving stuff around like it was her place too. I still wanted her there, I just suddenly felt like my man cave was being invaded. Obviously I'm an outsider, so all I can really say is that it's a guy thing.

  2. Thanks for the man point of view. It helps. I think.


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