Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My 9th Sick Day...I Better Make It Count

I was out sick for a few days and in my cold medicine stupor I wrote 5 different posts but did not publish any of them. Thank Goodness. Cause when I say stupor I mean I am "high" on cold medicine. I am not kidding my philosophy for dealing with a cold is over medicate, over medicate over medicate. Its a wonder I haven't ended up in the E.R. or on some DEA watch list for buying to many of the "good' cold medicines. For all I know I am on some DEA watch list along with the FTA, FDA, and the PTA.

How many times to you need to show your ID and sign that paper before the alert the Feds. I always go to the same pharmacy but the amount of allergy pills and cold medicine I have had to buy in the last 3 months must of caused some alarm to start go off in some secret government agency. I am sure some secret agent is now parked outside my house and work in fact I have seen that red car parked across the street every where I go lately. Wait...that's my car.

I know what you are all thinking "Weren't you just sick". And yes I was. But it seems I decided that getting over one cold was not good enough I needed to get over another more devastating cold and instead of being sick on the weekend when its slightly more convenient like last time I decided to be sick in bed when I need to be at work. You see just as I was recovering and feeling better I caught The BFs cold. I explained to him that I appreciate his sharing but its not necessary to share everything with me.

Now that I am slightly coherent I am going to go reread the posts, edit them (no telling what I decided to share while "high") and publish them. Or delete any that are just to far out there. After that I think I am going to take some more cold medicine and possibly take a nap. Just don't tell my boss I am not doing my monthly reports.


  1. You should publish the "high" posts. I'm intrigued!!! LOL! I hope you get to finally feeling better.

  2. Madi there is no way I will publish them.


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