Tuesday, November 9, 2010

That Grace has Returned

3yr old niece
Last night I was hanging/babysitting 2 of my very cute nieces when  Grace, my alter ego decided to pay us a visit. While we were all watching a movie the 3yr old had fallen asleep and had woken up very clingy and needy. She keep saying "I hold you I hold you." This means you get to hold her and she will cuddle you. And to be honest this is very nice and one of the best things about being an Auntie.

Soon the BF called and while we were talking my sister called and said I am on my way home will you put some dinner in the oven for me. I clicked back over to the BF and tried to put the 3yr old down but she held on to me saying "I hold you I hold you." Since I am a good Aunt I picked her up and took her with me to cook some dinner for my sis. I then threw some dinner in the oven and started the oven all while taking to the BF and holding a 3yr old. Thats when every thing went south.

You see my sister's 100lbs black lab Bosco had decided to lay down in the middle of the kitchen floor. I turned to return food to the fridge and I stepped down on his paw. So I tried to step over him but ended up slipping on a blanket and started to fall forward. I immediately dropped the food I was holding wrapped my arms around my cute little niece and throw myself backwards so I would land on my backside and not forward. So now I am sitting in the kitchen floor my legs bend at an odd angle (not broken odd just odd) very stunned and The BF is saying "What Happened? Are you okay? Michael are you there?" I Immediately said "Honey I'm ok but I need to call you back" and then hung up on him. I guess I couldn't figure out what to do next and talk to him at the same time. Side note the BF is a really good boyfriend to not be mad that I just hung up with no explanations.

After a few seconds that felt like 10 minutes. I turned my niece around to look at her and asked if she was okay. She put her little hands on my cheeks and said "I'm okay Mikool. I am okay. Are you okay?" (Mikool is how she says my name like she has a mouth full of marbles. I really hope she always says my name like this because a Girl named Mikool sounds way more fun than a Girl named Michael). At this point the 8yr old niece runs into the kitchen "What happened" I explain "I fell. Will you please put the food in the fridge so that Bosco will not eat it." She again asks If I am okay. Still a little shaken I say I think so. "Are you getting up?" she asks. "Not just yet", I say.  I slowly put the 3yr old on her feet and stand up. At this point I am pretty sure I will be making a visit to the chiropractor but I pick the 3yr old up, hug the 8yr old and say we are missing our movie and walk back in the living room. I call the BF back and tell him what happens. He asks if I have considered walking around in bubble wrap. Yes I have many many time considered this.


  1. I'm always impressed with a multi-tasker!It's me Karrie:)

  2. Why have I not been reading your blog for how long? I've been looking at your book selections. Was, in fact looking for a recom. when I went o your profile today! Bobbie

  3. Bobbie I havent posted many books recently but plan on doing 1 a day for the next week to get caught up.


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