Friday, November 5, 2010

Glass Half Full vs Glass Half Empty

To the Reader: This is another post I start under the influence of cold medication but this post was not finished so I have added to it. I am not sure what my original point was but I have found some clarity off the cold meds.

This weekend I discovered the obstacle standing in the way of my Happy Ever After, never mind I don't believe in Happily Ever After. Its not that The BF and I only have Sex & Coffee in common or that the BF is a FANatic of the Dallas Cowboys. It's that I'm a the glass is half full kind of a girl and the BF is a the glass is half empty kind of guy!!!!!

This may not seem like that big of a deal but it can be tiring and I'm sure not just for me. As much as I dread his Mr. Gloom Gus, I'm sure its just as exhausting hanging with Ms. Mary Crazy Sunshine. Where he sees obstacles I see opportunities. He sees deadlines I see goals. He sees decay I see potential. You get the point.

It's really not that black or white* because nothing is ever just black or white. Or varying shades of gray for that matter. Life is an onslaught of every color in the rainbow, colors not in the rainbow and every shade of all those colors. But my point is I want to believe everything has a purpose and it will work out in the end and he is always waiting for the other shoe to drop that brings the whole damn thing crashing down. And I know that the shoe does drop and everything hits the fan and your left standing in all the chaos trying to figure it all out. But once you figure it all out you realise it was for a reason.

I guess the bottom line is I like to focus on the positive when ever possible and The BF focuses on the negative a bit more than I would like. Can we learn to find the common ground? Hell once I upon a time I was well on my way to the dark side until I found my shining light within. Can I help The BF find the light and leave the shadows where they the shadows? Will I remember that shadows can be fun? Only time will tell. I guess the important part of this is that I am looking for that common ground for us. In the past I just left when there was a conflict. End of relationship.  So at least we know I can learn something new.

*End of original post.

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