Thursday, November 4, 2010

To Trick Or Not To Trick That Is The Question.

Note to reader this is a post that I started but didn't publish when I was under the influence of a lot of cold medicine recently. It is unchanged other than spelling and grammatical corrections.

Saturday The BF & his ex-wife (my friend) took their rugrats trick or treating. And they both invited me to go. I declined but my decision has come under fire.  Okay not under fire but I was told I was being selfish & I was missing out on any amazing experience. Seriously amazing experience!!! Please explain how Trick or Treating is an amazing experience.

I believe I  get to excuse myself from certain children related activities as an Aunt and GF.

1. Sporting events.... I don't like sports except football.
2. Attending school plays/programs. When my schedule permits I will be there but I feel no quilt when I can't.
3. Trick or Treating.

I believe that my job as GF is to be supportive of the BF & when he has the kids to cook food they will eat & plan age appropriate activities.

To be honest Halloween lost most of its appeal when at the age of 13 my my mom told me I was to old to go trick or treating but I could instead have a Halloween party. Don't get me wrong I love getting dressed up in a costume but over the years my excitement has decreased to a mild enjoyment and to be honest I only really like the holiday anymore because candy always goes on sale the day after Halloween;  fun sized snickers YUMMY.

But as for me being selfish...possibly but it was really cold and raining.


  1. I think you're well within your rights to say "tough!" MJ, this is not something you should be crucified for!

  2. The BF and his ex were okay with it. It was my sister that was mean about it.

  3. Trick or Treating should be outlawed. It is no longer safe and we know much more about the "health un-benefits" of candy than we did when I was a kid. That said,I'm with you! The only thing you missed was wholesale/retail contribution to bad teeth and ill health. Bobbie P.S. My youngest child is 28 and yes she went t or t but I was less enlightened then.


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