Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Sister is Trying to Kill Me - Day ????

Okay so I stopped drinking the Green Drink not because I don't like it or something bad happened...I got busy and lazy and fell victim to the fast food craze. I have noticed some very yucky side effects to not drinking the green drink.
  • No energy. For the 2 weeks I drank the drink I was full of energy and was able to do more and more. Within in a few days of not drinking the drink my energy had dropped back to the sad levels of before.
  • Sinus Infection. I suffer from chronic sinus infection ever since I broke it in car accident some 10+ years ago. For 2 weeks no sinus infection. I now have a cold and a sinus infection
  • Upset stomach. You all know what this means when you are eating lots and lots of green leafy stuff and fiber and then stop. I am not going to elaborate.
Then I read an article in Prevention Magazine that said eating 1 1/2 cup of greens vegetables such as spinach kale and collard will reduce your risk of Type II Diabetes by 14%. Since both my parents have Type II Diabetes I am more than willing to give this a try again. From now I am will be calling my post ...My Sister is Trying to Keep Me Alive.

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