Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Presentation is Everything

To those who are not aware my love language is gifts. This means when I express my feelings its all with gifts. If we are fighting I will buy you a gift to say I am sorry. If your dog dies I will buy you a gift to express my sorrow at your loss. You get a promotion I will buy you a gift to celebrate. This means if any of these things happen to me I also want you to buy me a gift. I am not sure why I am this way, no one else in my family is a gift person. Lucky for everyone I read the book The 5 Love Languages (I highly recommend this book and its partner book The 5 Languages of Apology) so I am aware not everyone else is a gift giver.

Part of my curse is I like to give gifts that are visually pleasing. I wont wrap in just plan paper unless desperate. I even like to decorate gift bags with pretty ribbon. I spend as much time wrapping gifts as I do buying them. And almost as much on wrapping paper and ribbons. I even buy paper that coordinates with each other and when I give you more than 1 gift I like the paper to match so you know that it came from me. Once again I believe that professional intervention may be necessary and soon.


  1. These are pretty. Did you wrap my present to you?

  2. My coworkers wrapped them while I was running errands but I decorated them....They are pretty I will send you a picture.


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