Thursday, January 13, 2011

Stay Out of My Closet!!!!

This is a text conversation I had with 1 of my sisters today:
    Middle Sister wearing my scarf...It is cute!
  • Sister: I think its crucial to the success of my outfit that u let me borrow a scarf
  • Me: Which Scarf?
  • Sister: Ur black and gray one
  • Me: WHAT....I love that scarf...its an original you cant even find that scarf anywhere
  • Sister: Michael u love all ur scarfs
  • Me: But some are more important 2 me. Plus ur sick I don't want ur germs on my scarf
  • Sister: I think u need counseling
  • Me: Why are you going through my clothes & ur sick go bck 2 bed & sleep
  • Sister: I cant
  • Me: Take some night time cold med
  • Me (again): Did you take me scarf
  • Sister: I am at home wearing it. It looks great with what I am wearing
  • Me: Snd a pic
  • Sister: I will in a minute i am resting for a sec
  • Me: Don't sleep w/scarf on you will drool or sweat on it
  • Sister: I wont
This is in fact an average conversation with either of my sister. 
Cute shoes Baby Sister "borrowed"

I find it very odd that although I am the shortest and heaviest of my sisters both sister will borrow my stuff to wear. Not clothes cause they would not fit but scarves, jewelery and shoes. I can't keep either of my sisters out of my shoes. One time the Baby Sister borrowed a pair of shoes without asking and by shear luck I found them in her room hidden because she knew I was looking for them and she had not had a chance to sneak them back in my closet. In her defense they are very cute shoes and once The Middle Sister (Health Nut) tried to borrow the same shoes. But still she snuck them out of my closet then hid them when I couldn't find them. Serious she hid them under a pile of dirty clothes. Its not like she was a teenager when this happened she was 23 at the time. 


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