Monday, February 14, 2011

There's a Reason Valentine's Day is Abbreviated VD

I’ve never been one to celebrate Valentine's Day in any big way. I believe it is a stupid fake holiday foster on us by greeting card, flower and chocolate industries. Because saying I love you with roses, sappy card and a box of chocolates will surely make up for not saying it the other 364 days of the years (365 if it’s a leap year). What’s even more annoying is people saying Happy Single Awareness’ Day...when I was single I didn’t need a day a year to be aware of my status I was happily aware of it every day of the year.

Of the 35 V-Days I have been alive I have only had a BF for 3 of them and only celebrated 2 of those years. One year I was out of town (on purpose) and one I was working 14 hour days and was not in the mood for more than pizza and a movie. That year the then BF and I watched Jaws 1 & 2 and Deep Blue Sea cause nothing says I love you like a few killer sharks. And until this year it was the best VD in my life. However The BF did a good job this year. Last year we had just started dating and being that our relationship was new we really didn’t do anything to celebrate but this year was a different story.

This year since The BF had his kids this weekend we had a perfect low key weekend full of hear-shaped pizza, brownies, The BF’s perfect steak, movies and gifts. No pressure and The BF does listen to me because he got me exactly what I wanted (this is important after all my Love Language is gifts). He even put it in a pretty bag with tissue paper and everything.

And as I am gracefully aging (or fighting against it tooth and nail) I have recently started honoring this day by trying to do a little something extra for the people in my life that I love. After all who says that it has to be about couples why not appreciate all your loved ones in a small way. Now I know I must be getting old.

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