Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I Would Like a Skinny Double Extra Froth....Please

Moving back to your small hometown, after being gone for 15 years, means that you have to learn to live without certain things. Some of these things you learn to compensate and work around. Like bookstores. There are no bookstores in my hometown. If you want a book you have to go to Wal-Mart or the local grocery store. And this does not suit a girl who reads as much as I do. Plus you miss out on books that are not Bestsellers but worth reading. But I have learned to embrace the wonders of Borders, Barnes & Nobles, and Amazon. I do miss the independent novelty bookstores. I miss going to a bookstore and curling up in a corner and reading a book. But as I said you learn to live without things. Now I order books in my pjs and curl up with a glass of wine and read them. Not the same as being in the bookstore but equally satisfying

The one thing I can not compensate for is the lack of a coffee shop. It’s the bane of my existence, well that and I am a girl named Michael. I love good coffee and it doesn't need to be all frothy and complicated I just enjoy a quality bean that was roasted. ground and brewed correctly. But I live in a town that doesn't understand the benefits of good coffee. I'm not sure if its due to the LDS church disapproving of coffee and I live in a town that is strongly LDS (I am not saying this is wrong just explaining about the lack of coffee shops) or if its lack of exposure to quality coffee. All I know is I grew up drinking cheap coffee and it wasn't until I went to college that I discovered the joys of independent coffee shops and chain coffee stores.

And to be honest I prefer the independent coffee shops! I love the beatnik/hippie feel to the places. I love the walls covered in art by local artist and the poetry readings from locals. I love the baristas knowing my name and my drink of choice. I like the regulars (old men, college students and neighbors) who are always in the shop at the same time. I love sitting down and listening to them discuss local politics and gossip. The collection cups for community members in crisis due to illness.

This does not mean I don’t love those chains like Starbucks and Seattle's Best. When in a new town and jonesying for a caffeine fix but you don’t know the neighborhood or what is good, its nice to know that somewhere near by you can go to Starbucks and get coffee from a 3rd world country to help stimulate that country’s economy. It’s very comforting to know that you can get a Carmel Macchiato pretty much any where in the USA except my home town. In fact I have an app on my overpriced smart phone that will not only tell me where the nearest Starbucks is but also give me directions to the nearest Starbucks....turn left now.

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