Monday, February 7, 2011

I See London I See France

As I mentioned in my January in review post I have lost 12 lbs. I think I have lost a few more pounds but am refusing to get on a scale more than once a month so I am not sure yet. But I am having this bizarre side affect from the weight loss. My underwear doesn't fit!!!!!

Seriously they are constantly slipping and I am having to excuse my self to pull them up. My pants are having this problem also but for them I just bought a belt. They don't sell belts for me I looked.

At 5 foot 1 inches every 10 pounds I lose is a decrease in a pant size and apparently decrease in underwear size. This is very upsetting to me. Because while I can just go to the local 2nd hand store and buy a few new pairs of pants every month for $10. I can not buy a months supply of underwear every month and I have come to the realization that I will have to settle for a weeks supply of undies. My mother will say that all you really need is 8 pairs of undies to get you through but I have been a firm believer since my college days (when I only did laundry once a month) that any thing less than a 30 day supply is bad.

Think about it what if there was a natural disaster and you didn't have any way to wash your clothes for a week or two. I could handle wearing dirty clothes but for obvious reasons clean underwear is a must.

How often did your mother tell you to make sure you're always wearing clean underwear in case you were in an accident? I never understood this saying I mean really are you going to be caring at that point. Until I was in a car accident and ended up in the emergency room with a gaping hole in my head and a nurse was removing my pants, so they could x-ray my leg along with my face...and yes I had on clean very cute underwear and yes I was concerned about it.

Part of me wants to go eat some cake so that I will not have to deal with the stress this is causing me but I even my illogical mind realises this is a major thinking error.

Surprisingly and thankfully (The BF is thankful also) my breasts are the same size. I don't think I could handle having to buy 7 new bras every month.


  1. Use a safty pin to hold them up

  2. buy some they are a lot cheaper than new underwear. :) Like mother like daughter. Lol

  3. I would own safety pins.

  4. Congratulations on the weightloss! I'm not so sure about the safety pinning of panties (it sounds dangerous to me), but I *am* sure I'm thankful for panty liners - cuz you just made me laugh so hard!!

  5. LOL! This is a problem, frankly, that I'd take right about now. (My pants have mysteriously shrunk recently...)

  6. I hate when pants shrinks...I blame the dryer

  7. Congrats on the weight loss. Wear pants only till u got good fitting panties.

    coming is from Flashback Friday on Chasing Joy

  8. This is funny. I have been having the same issue with one pair. I cannot decide if the droppy drawers are from my weight loss (about 5lbs) or if the new panties are lemons.

    Thanks for linking up for FBF on Chasing Joy. You know, link up every friday at

  9. hahahah!! i love this! i actually am having this problem. the tighter underwear like thongs are not an issue but I have lost 27 lbs and so many pairs of my underwear are not fitting correctly anymore. i LOVE underwear and shopping for them though so I am just going to take it as a sign of destiny and go underwear shopping after I lose a few more lbs!! ahaha.

  10. Thanks Guys Its a good problem to be having.


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