Friday, March 4, 2011

Hurry, Quick...I Need Mark Zuckerberg's Email

Last night I was watching The Social Network for the 4th time and tweeting away. And being that I have seen this movie 4 times my mind started to wonder...Is it wrong to tweet while watching a movie about the creator of Facebook? This led to me wondering is there proper etiquette to Twitter and Facebook. It doesn't appear that there is and if there is proper etiquette no one is following it. And where would I find these rules of Etiquette. Do I have to join a group page on Facebook or follow them on Twitter? And for brief moment, while Jesse Eisenberg/Mark Zuckerberg was going on about how no they do not have his full attention, I  wondered what would Emily Post say about Social Networking.

I'm sure if I Googled or Binged Social Networking Etiquette I would get a million or so hits. But I really want to know what the original Emily Post would say. Never mind they didn't have computers or the casual attitude we all have about...EVERYTHING. If she was alive today would she be appalled at our ability to convey so much in 140 characters or less? Would she think that sharing all the details of our life appalling? For that matter what would she think about blogging. I started thinking about the content of my blog and realized that 10 years ago I would never share all the crazy events, insecurities and intimate details of my life but now I think its fun!

These thoughts all let to a one very random thought about Mark Zuckerberg. I would like to preface this random thought by saying, I loved the movie The Social Network. I also assume that it is mostly incorrect, Hollywood loves to jazz up a story and until I get a chance to ask Mark I am going with the assumption 50% fact 50% fiction. I also LOVE Facebook. It has given me the opportunity to connect with old friends, meet new friends and stay connected to my family.

But here is my random thought...Did Mark Zuckerberg create a line in all his coding that he would be sent notification every time someone said something about him? Because I think I would.

That's right I am just insecure enough to want to know what the 500 million Facebook users thought about me if I was the creator of Facebook.

That reminds me of a line in the movie..."If your clients were the inventors of Facebook they would have invented Facebook". Or something like that.


  1. i am also in dire need of his email, but for a more significant matter, i have found a bug in facebooks code.

  2. Good luck with finding his email.


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