Thursday, March 24, 2011

I've Matured...or Maybe Not

Recently I decided to downsize!!! After all I am moving in with The BF (honestly I just enjoy saying that over and over) and when ever I move I try and take the opportunity to get rid of stuff I know longer need/use. In fact I get immense satisfaction from tossing stuff. Whether it’s the empty ketchup bottle or the pants I am to skinny for it all brings me a weird since of accomplishment.

Except for books, I loath to throw out any book I own. For some reason it cause me anxiety. I don't understand why it does nor do I care why it does, that is a topic I have yet to talk about in therapy. So I just keep every book I have ever owned.

Then I decided to do something that will shock everyone who knows me.

I am went through all the books I own and donated 47 books to the library!!!

That's right mom I am willingly giving up books.

I know you are shocked, amazed and proud.

Okay to be completely honest I haven't donated the books yet.

But I have picked the 47 books I plan on donating to the library.

And that is practically the same thing as donating them.


  1. What books did you choose to donate. I've gotten better at taking books to DI. I still have way too many books but Bruce is more of a book hoarder than me.

  2. I take mine to the library. Every year they have a book sale of all the donated books as a funraiser. And since my library buys a lot of books I ask them to buy I feel this is a good way to give back. Plus I buy books at the sale.


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