Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Whats the Worse That Could Happen

On February 28, 2011 I got a parking ticket. This is not my first parking ticket!!! It probably will not be my last parking ticket. I usually get them for parking to long in 1 hour parking. So when I get my ticket, I mail in my payment case closed.

This ticket was for violating city ordinance 10.52.170(A) Parking 1AM-6AM During Restricted Winter Months No Parking Car On Road 1AM-6AM Nov 15 to Mar. 1

You may have noticed that I parked on the street February 28...1 day before the restricted winter parking ends. I was slightly irate that they gave me the ticket the day before I can park on the street all I want especially since there was not a cloud in the sky that night and no chance of snow. But whatever it was just one more parking ticket as far as I was concerned.

I threw the ticket in my car and figured I would pay it next weekend.

Except next weekend came and I forgot about the ticket.

The ticket had slipped down under the seat and it was a case of out of sight out of mind.

Last Friday I decided to clean out my car (this happens once a month) and I found the ticket. Now I am irate all over again. Instead of paying $15 I know have to pay $30. What a rip off.

And I don't have a problem with paying. I just don't want to pay right now. I want to go shopping and buy some new spring clothes and sandals. And buy some cute new nail colors and bracelets and books. I really want some new books.

What’s the worse the city will do if I don't pay until May. Will they boot my car? Will I have a warrant? Will they send a police officer after me and arrest me? Will I have to register as a parking offender?


  1. My mom was arrested on a parking ticket violation. She actually had a state-wide warrent issued for her arrest. My brother parked her car facing the wrong side of trafic. My brother wanted to fight the ticket because their dead end road, of the past 30 years, recently opened up. The court house gave the upcoming court date to the wrong person. Long story short, my mom (no past criminal or driving record) was mistaken for another woman with the same name who had a wrap sheet. My mom was ultimately arrested and then spent 2 years trying to clear up her name. They finally erased it from her record. ---So, this is what could happen. I'm just saying....

  2. Maybe I should go pay my ticket.

  3. Don't go pay it! Take the ticket with you, and point out the offense, and the time /date of the ticket. They should waive it since according to the date on the ticket, you were not actually guilty of that offense. I have done something very similar, and never had to pay the ticket! Then as a reward for having your ticket voided, go shopping!


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