Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Men Say The Dumbest Things!!!

Sometimes men say the dumbest things. This does not mean I think men are dumb or that I am man bashing but you would think after all the years that men have been courting woman they would stop saying dumb things. Luckily I have been dating boys since I was 16 and I am learning (thanks to some great advice) to take deep breaths before I let the crazy girl in me take control. But The BF is pushing the envelope of dumb things men say.

On Sunday The BF and I were enjoying a late breakfast and discussing the "Big Move In". We were discussing where we would put my stuff and my ever pressing need to paint every wall in The BFs house (seriously every wall is white). When I asked if he had told his parents or kids. And what his parents will think he said they won't care and he was excited I was moving in (yea!!!! he has not said until now that he was excited about it) because I will be able to help him around the house and take turns cooking dinner!!!!

Seriously, this is what he said!!! First the crack about cable now this!!!

I am starting to rethink this whole spending our lives together thing if he is going to keep saying stupid stuff like this.

I responded by saying "Sweetie, I am a girl and I need to hear stuff like I am excited we can spend more time together and I know that we can build a life together and I know that you are the girl I am suppose to spend the rest of my life with. Not I am excited you are moving in cause you can cook."

He momentarily saved himself by saying "Baby that stuff is all implied or I wouldn't want you to move in with me." then screwed it all up by saying "I shouldn't have to say that stuff."

Men cant live with them ...


  1. ugh!!!! Men!!! always assume their feelings are implied!!! Maybe they would stop doing that if we would quit putting out and said, well those feelings were implied.......

  2. LOL Liz!! So, so true!!!


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