Monday, March 21, 2011

Why Girls Need Straight Guy Friends

So The BF and I decided to take that step. The step my mother has been hoping for from the moment The BF and I started dating....That's right we are going to shack up and live in sin.

As we had the "discussion" that lead to us deciding that we were ready for this next step, The BF made this comment..."If you move in we can upgrade cable to get more channels." I know what you are thinking he did not just say that. Yes he did. This required immediate text message to several friends and to one of the only straight guy friend I have these days....Patrick!!!!

  • Me: So my BF asked me 2 move in w/him then said something stupid so I wntd a male insight & ur lucky enough 2 b my only nongay male friend @ this point in my life....which is weird since I havent seen u in 17 yrs.
  • Patrick: But Im with you in spirit! What did he say?
  • Me: He said I could pay the internet/cable bill & we could upgrade the cable...he said it like he wntd me there just so we could get hbo
  • Patrick: Honey dont try to read between the lines when there is probably nothing there. It probably just occurred to him, like, hey! Then we could upgrade cable!
  • Patrick: Hes a guy, he likes toys, and cable is a toy. Trust me, a woman is not worth putting up with, just for better cable :)
  • Me: C this is why a girl needs a guy friend whos straight
I really appreciate the advice Patrick gave me. Immediately I was feeling much better and started making plans with The BF about moving in together and taking this step in our relationship.

That was until he made a stupid comment yesterday which is a whole different blog post.


  1. DON'T ALLOW UPGRADING TO THE CABLE! Hell to the NO! That means this:
    He doesn't have HBO so the time he isn't watching HBO means that time is spent with you.
    Adding HBO means "Honey hold on, I will talk to you in a minute. This show on HBO is really good!" or lifting his feet for you to vacuum while you are cleaning & peering around you to see the tv

  2. Does this mean I'll be getting another text?

    And I say give him a chance, concerning the cable. If he actually does start ignoring you because of it, well then cross that bridge if you come it.

  3. This so made me smile. My partner moved in with me about 18 months ago, and one of the first things that he wanted to change was my TV package.

    We now have so many channels that I hardly ever get to view my choices!

    (But on the other hand, he now pays for the broadband, phone and TV as they're all on the one plan).

    Just another of the mysteries of men, but perfectly normal, I think!

  4. You HAVE to get HBO if just to watch True Blood when it airs again in the summer LOL :-)

    I'm with Patrick - don't read much into it...some stuff we let pass, and I think this is one of them. If there's an issue later, HBO can be cut! :)


  5. LOL... You always make me laugh. The moment your mom has been waiting for when you decide to live in sin.... a woman is not worth putting up with just for cable... I love it.


  6. This is what I needed today, too funny! I agree though having a straight guy friend to help understand the man in your life is a great thing to have. In the past I've always turned to them, like what does this mean! It helps you remember that sometimes guys really are clueless with some of the things they say. Patrick is hilarious, may we all be blessed and thankful for the Patricks in our lives. I tell my bf now that we're not even having a tv in bedroom, not sure if that is a deal breaker for him LOL #FlashbackFriday from Chasing Joy


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