Friday, March 18, 2011

Rocky Road vs Vanilla

Sometimes I think my life is like Rocky Road ice cream and I want it to be a Vanilla ice cream life. You know a nice predictable flavor that always yummy. But sometimes you spruce it up with fun toppings. That occasionally it would be better with caramel topping but is still good just plain!!!

After all I strive for a "normal" predictable life, that occasionally has its moments full of nuts and fruit but you can always find the stable vanilla ice cream underneath it all.

But like I said I think my life is more like Rocky Road. Has the vanilla base but is so full of nuts, marshmallows and chocolate chips you can’t taste the vanilla. You can see that its there somewhere but you can never get a bite of just good old plain vanilla ice cream. And I don't even like Rocky Road ice cream.

I like Vanilla ice cream!!! It’s my favorite flavor!! I just need to figure out how do I get a vanilla ice cream life.

Damn now I am craving ice cream.

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