Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Odd things on my Desk

There are dead flowers and a pineapple on my desk. The dead flowers are because I haven't bought new ones for my desk this week. The pineapple is a gift from a co-worker.

Both are strange things to be on my desk.

To be honest once a month I have dead flowers hanging out on my desk. I sometimes forget to toss them. 

Okay I often have dead flowers on my desk. I often only replace them after I have bought new ones.

But I have never had a pineapple on my desk before. Its kind of fun and exciting.

I may toss the flowers and keep the pineapple for a few days. Makes me feel like I am in the hot tropics and not the cold mountains.


  1. I wouldn't keep that particular pineapple around very long, that thing looks ripe! I'm salivating just looking at it!

  2. i bet it will taste good in a smoothie

  3. It does look good! If it's a good, sweet one, I'd just enjoy it plain! Save the frozen or canned stuff for your smoothie- and enjoy this one bite by bite!

  4. Im not sure what I am doing with it yet but I do know I will be eating it soon

  5. Stopping by from FBF. I love pineapple. Hope it was as yummy as it looks


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