Monday, March 14, 2011

Overwhelmed by Grace....again!!!

This weekend The BF and I decided to clean out his basement. What seemed like a mole hill in fact turned into a mountain.

The 1st step was to get all the baby equipment into the truck so we could take it to the local thrift store. The BF wanted to have a yard sale and I explained that means you have to store everything some where until the yard sale so that idea was quickly vetoed. After the 1st truck load of stuff was dropped off we realized that there were 5-6 boxes of stuff his ex-wife and my friend still had at his house. So after some logistical planning and some frustration on everyone’s part it was arranged that she would come by that afternoon and pick up her boxes.

Then after further digging we found boxes and boxes and boxes of BABY clothes!!!!!! Apparently The BF and Ex-Wife/My Friend had kept all of their 2 kid's baby clothes. The reasoning was sound they thought they might have more kids not get divorced. I wanted to drop everything off at the thrift store but The BF decided to call The Ex-wife/My Friend and see if she wanted the clothes. She did. Not to keep all of them (I don’t think) but she did want to keep a few outfits that have special meaning.

Why am I telling you all this??? Because in the process of moving stuff I got a black eye!!!!!

I only have a little black eye barley even worth a mention at all. It’s hard to notice without make-up and not at all with make-up on. I also have bruise on my forearm, shin, thigh, ETC!!!!!

I don’t remember how I got these bruises but I do remember how I got the black eye. I was moving a baby swing. And I forget that I am ONLY 5'1" and I lifted the swing to place it in the back of the truck when the swing swung forward and whacked me in the face.

My eye is now a little puffy and a lot tender and putting make-up on was slightly unpleasant this morning. The BF asked why I was putting make up if it hurt. I looked at him like he was nuts, of course I was putting make-up. Boys are so weird.

Grace has struck again…I am truly a walking disaster.

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