Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Things that I Think I am Good at.

This weeks flowers
Nothing brightens up my day like having flowers on my desk. Bright colorful and seasonal flowers. And since no one buys me flowers every 2 weeks I buy them for myself. I like to think I am getting pretty damn good at arranging them but I think I am good at a lot of things I am not.
  • Eating Healthy (ask my sister)
  • Relationships (ask The BF)
  • Saving Money (check my closet)
  • Being a pet owner (ask anyone who has meet my weird animals)
  • Following through with hobbies (check the list of unfinished projects)
  • Organization (in all fairness this one comes and goes)
  • Driving/parking a car (ask anyone who's been in a car while I am driving)
  • Being Quite (ask anyone who has meet me)
  • Cleaning (ask my sister)
  • Cooking (ask my mom)
The list goes on and on. But to be honest I don't care. I think I am good at everything and that's all that matters.

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