Saturday, March 26, 2011

Yes, I am that Lazy

This morning while I was laying bed listening to the psedostep-kids playing and drinking my 1st cup of coffee*, I start to smell the delicious breakfast The BF was cooking. I roll over to send a text message to The BF telling him how yummy breakfast smells.

It dawns on me that I am incredibly lazy. I could have very easily got out of bed and talked to The BF but I choose to text message someone who is down the hall. I love technology.

*I need to add a quick side note of appreciation..most weekends The BF brings me coffee in bed. Sometimes I bring it to him but most the time he spoils me and I can not express how grateful I am at this little act of kindness.


  1. There are worse things. My entire family sends facebook wall posts to each other when we are in the same house and on one occasions (I wish i was kidding!) two members of my family were sending each other facebook messages WHILE IN THE SAME ROOM!!!!!

  2. My supervisor and I send each other FB message all the time and our desks are next to each other.


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