Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Sincerest Apoligies

I am  feeling brave this week. I want to play around with setting and things (things is a very technically word don’t ya think) I can do with my blog.

I think experimenting is the only way to truly learn something. Mostly I want to be a technological guru but never will be so periodically I try and do something technical to make myself feel better. (I am full of techno words today: something technical)

I am sorry for any confusion this may cause you. Personally I hate when people change a format or style I have become use to and comfortable with.

Don’t worry I am sure I will go back to what you expect.

Most of you are now thinking its a blog not the Declaration of Independence. You need to relax Michael!

Whatever I just want to let the 6 people dedicated to my blog to be informed. And remember that old break up line when things start looking weird...Its not you, its me!!!

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