Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wicked Step-Dad and Evil Step-Monster

My parents divorced when I was quite young, so young I don’t remember them ever being married.

This post is not about them being divorced well at least not directly.

This post is about the 2 people my respected parents married after they got divorced.....MY STEP-PARENTS!!!!!!

I will start with my Evil Step-Monster, even though she is not evil or a monster. But she likes me to call her that especially in public. She thinks it enhances her reputation around town. She has always embraced me as her daughter even though she calls me her evil step-brat. She lets me be me, introduced me to my all time favorite TV show X-Files (which is weird because unlike others in my family I don’t believe in aliens) and bought me my 1st Stephen King book. For my 21st birthday she got me (from her and dad) 6 very cool margarita glasses, a bottle of tequila, limes, salt, margarita mix and a bottle of tequila rose. Now that’s a good step-mom. And once when I was in a pretty bad car accident outside their hometown (rolled my car 3 times on the interstate) she took care of me until my mom could get me the next day. I have never felt left out where she is concerned.

Now on to my Wicked Step-dad, the man who married my mom despite my mom having a teenage daughter and I was a horrible teenager. He attended school functions, drove carpool, looked mean and intimating when my boyfriends were around, took us to Drs appointment, hung shelves, flew to Las Vegas (he doesn’t like to fly) to help me pack up and move back to Utah, helped me be mobile whenever I hurt my knee in school, constantly tells me how proud he is that I am his daughter, never calls me or my siblings his step-kids just his kids. Recently he was driving my car and despite having worked the graveyard shift all that night and being tired took the time to fix my windshield wipers that have not been working properly for months ( I had a screw or two loose, like that’s a shocker).

As you can see my Wicked Step-Dad and Evil Step-Monster are not so wicked or evil. They are the standard all other step-parents should be graded by.

I would like to thank my parents for having the good sense to divorce each other and marry such awesome people.


  1. Never knew your evil step-mom but I always liked Cory too. I didn't think you were THAT bad of a teenager. (He did do a good intimidating father when he wanted to. I wouldn't have wanted to mess with him.)

  2. If all step-parents could be like that :) Stopping by from Chasing Joy's #FBF

    1. Yes I was very blessed. Except on Mothers and fathers day I always have to buy lots of gifts. :)


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