Friday, April 15, 2011

Do I Look Fat in the Kitchen?

There is a scale in the kitchen. It is a black digital scale that matches the stove and measures your weight to the ounce. I don't know why it is there but it has sat there for over a week.

At first I thought I am not weighing myself in the kitchen that would be weird. Everyone knows you are suppose to weigh yourself first thing in the morning, naked after you pee. And there is no way I am going to wake up, pee and then strip down in the kitchen and weigh myself that's just not right. On more than one level.  Putting aside that I don't live alone one of the kitchen windows doesn't have any blinds or curtains and I am not giving the old guy across the street a heart attack.

Then I thought it was some passive-aggressive statement my sister was making on the size of my butt. That's just mean. I am working on eating healthy and exercising you don't need to remind me that I am not at my goal weight....geez.
My sister claims that she just hasn't put it away yet and its not some silent social commentary on how overweight America has become. I have decided to take her word for it but I am not 100% sure I believe her.
I will tell you that I am stepping on it once a day at different times during the day but never when I am naked because like I said its in the kitchen. I really want to weight myself after every meal and every time I walk into the kitchen but that's not healthy. Or that's what the experts say. In fact I want to weight myself every time I walk past the kitchen. I want to go home and weight myself right now just looking at the pictures.
I am going to have to move the scale myself.


  1. Trying this again, maybe it'll work this time... now hopefully I can remember what I was trying to post before! lol
    So, maybe it's one of those "out of sight, out of mind" things. If the scale is in the kitchen, it's visible constantly so then it's always on the mind. As opposed to hiding it away in the bathroom, or some other obscure place. So it's out in the open where it's highly visible.


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