Monday, April 18, 2011

Art Deco Girl meets Froniter Manly Man

This weekend The BF and I moved some of my furniture to his house. And few things occurred to me during this process.
  1. The majority of my furniture consists of book shelves and books.
  2. Its obvious by looking at my furniture that I don't have kids (I have a glass coffee table top).
  3. The BF's style and my style really don't mesh.
Today I am going to focus on the last one. My abundance of style (after all I read fashion magazines and watch design shows on TV) and The BF's complete and total lack of style.

That’s not fair he has a style. If its big and obnoxious (GIANT TV and monster stereo), has anything to so with the Dallas Cowboys (do I need rehash my feeling on the Cowboy) or is something you would find in a mountain lodge (read tan, deer and Native American inspired) he feels it should grace his home. I am not saying that’s wrong just not my style, especially the deer statues on his coffee table.

I am more the minimalist (except books) clean straight lines, art hanging on the wall, color lot and lots of color. I don’t like nick-nack I prefer photos of friends and family.

I am not sure how these two styles will mix together it takes me back to having nothing in common but Sex and Coffee. And how are we going to make this work.


  1. Depends on who will be home more often. Whereas I'm gone around 14 hours a day except for weekends, I'm fine with letting my wife decorate and arrange the place.
    I do have a man cave. Every man should have his own cave. My wife is allowed in there, but she can't touch anything. I have like 5 computers in there, guns, paintball guns, and lots of collectible statues and toys and manly books and stuff.

  2. He has a man cave and I am dedicated to keeping it that way for him. If for no other readon it will keeep all his Dallas Cowboys stuff contained in 1 place.

  3. Oh Michael, Dallas, really???


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