Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The New Nuclear Family

On Saturday I had lunch with The BF's ex-wife/my friend. This is a common occurrence except for the part that the kids were with us, also not all that uncommon but throw in The BF and its a whole new experience.

So I guess I should say I had lunch with The BF, his ex-wife/my friend and their 2 kids. It was a simple lunch made entirely of the finest foods MickeyD's has to offer. After ensuring everyone had enough ketchup we settled down at the kitchen counter to eat and discuss the day’s events.

Someone told me that my relationship triangle was incestuous....besides not getting the whole incestuous part (I am not related to anyone I am dating or anyone they have dated/married in the past) I think they are wrong. I think it’s an awesome TV sitcom waiting to be made. Watch out Ozzy and Harriet Nelsen here we come. That right Ward and June Cleaver your days are numbered. We make the Brady's look bad and The Cosby's look abnormal.

I hope I get some royalties soon. I need a new pair of boots.

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