Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I am all Vanilla all the Time.

Remember that adage be careful what you wish for you might get it. Instead of winning the lottery like I have wished I instead get the vanilla life I recently said I wanted.

I dont know how it came to this but I am currently spending my life packing, hanging with my nieces and spending time with The BF and his kids. We havent even seen any good movies recently. I know you dont believe me but I have text proof that I am now boring:
  • ME: Finished*...freaking awesome. Best yet
  • Penny: Ah good! This is a really good series
  • ME: Im waiting to read bk 6
  • Penny: What is "The BF" doing while you read?
  • ME: Was wrking on his truck...then wtching TV. We are like an old married peeps...
  • Penny: Lol! Thats funny. But nice!
And it is nice sometimes but I worry what in the world I will blog about if my life is vanilla ice cream all the time. I mean who know that I would get boring. Something weird is always happening to me. I am not even having any real emotional issues right now and I can only go on and on about moving in with The BF for so long. At some point I will have to actually move in.

Girls remember your mom/grandma was right. A stitch in time saves nine, a penny saved is a penny earned, your kids will act just like you and most important be careful what you wish for becasue you just might get it. And if you do make a wish make it a good one like Johhny Deep is your love slave or Bradly Cooper and Ryan Reynolds get in a fist fight over who gets to take you out to dinner.

*Speaking of the Morganville Vampire series.


  1. I think we all go through that phase, of doing so much, it gets nice when there isn't much going on...boring yes but strangely soothing...definitely. Thanks for sharing and I often think of vanilla ice cream myself...covered in magic shell :) Stopping by from Chasing Joy's #FBF!

    1. I like to think vanilla is the best flavor. Its great all by itself but you can add to it whenever you want excitement. Thanks for stopping by.


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