Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Who Are You?

I have a confession to make!!! Its not seedy or scandalous and if I was a celebrity no would care about my supposed sin but none the less I fell compelled to seek absolution and repent

Ok its not the least bit repent worth except for maybe of the sin vanity and I am not even sure if it is that. And I am not Catholic so even if it was repent worth its not like I am going to confession or be required to say some Hail Mary’s or Oh My Fathers. Being that I am not Catholic I am not even sure I am using terms correctly please forgive me if I have messed them up.

My great sin is that I am obsessed with the people who read my blog.

Not just the friends and family who read it but the people I don’t know.

According to blogger I have people all over the world who periodically read my blog. I am not sure how accurate these stats are but blogger says you are from other countries and blogger couldnt be wrong. But it is probably more like some weird internet thing where the people are all from my home town but for security reasons there internet signals are bouncing all over the world like some thing out of a Matt Damon or Leonard deCaprio movie ( watch a lot of TV). And since I know very little about how the internet works (I once told my niece it was magic hehehehe) I am going to believe blogger no matter what.

And I hope you enjoy what you read but mostly I want to know all about your life. How did you stumble upon my blog? Where do you live? And how do you spend your free time? Where do you work? How many kids do you have? Are you single, married, divorced or widowed?

Please tell me about yourself so that I can stop obsessing.

Thank you in advance.


  1. I started playing this Mafia Wars game and before you know it I was adding people left and right, I eventually found myself in the same Mafia Clan as a girl named Michael, oh well it beats the shirtless Asian boys who usually send me requests.

  2. Michael, I have always found you amazing and intriguing. It is nice to know you are doing so well, even if from afar! --Bekkah

  3. Just your dad here

  4. Through FB, I have found a few people that make me wish I had known them better in H.S. You are one of those few people. I am glad you blog. Thanks for the smiles you have brought without knowing.

  5. I could pretend I don't know you. I can be very mysterious (or at least pretend to be.)

  6. Sandi, I have know you for more years than I will admit on my blog or out loud for that matter.


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